10 Celebrities Who Have Battled Drug Addiction

  1. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Number 1 on our list of 10 celebrities who have battled drug addiction comes American singer-songwriter, actress and activist Demi Lovato. Known for her work in the Camp Rock franchise, Demi, Unbroken, Don’t Forget, Tell Me You Love Me, Confident, among others, and her hit singles such as Skyscraper, Give Your Heart a Break, Heart Attack, among others, this 14-time Teen Choice award-winning star is a youth icon. Having dealt with bulimia, self-harm and drug abuse, Lovato experienced nervous breakdown frequently. Such was her addiction to cocaine that she couldn’t live without it for more than a couple of hours and used to smuggle it onto airplanes. However, after learning that her management would leave her, Lovato took charge of her life and started her treatment and counselling. After moving into a sober-living facility in Los Angeles with roommates, she overcame her drug and alcohol abuse and has been healthy since. And today, she is back on her successful and healthy life’s tracks once again.

We hope the stories of these celebrities have inspired those who are struggling with drug addiction and also has warned us about the harmful affects these drugs can have on our lives. We can only learn from these stories.