10 Rare Photos of Life Inside North Korea

No other country in the world is perhaps more secretive in its functioning than North Korea. Under the totalitarian rule of its supreme leader Kim Jong-un and his ancestors before him, the citizens of this country have hardly known what it is to have freedom of speech, or even, freedom of thought. The country is known for violating innumerable human rights every day. So naturally, it evokes a lot of curiosity. The mystery around the lifestyle of its citizens is something which is always interesting to discover. Today, we will take a sneak peek into their daily lives to get a fraction of understanding of how they function. So, here’s presenting 10 rare photos of life inside North Korea.

  1. The Hollow Hallways

The Hollow Hallways

Starting our list of 10 rare photos of life inside North Korea comes this unassuming photograph. What makes this photograph scary is the fact that all of the buildings here are serving propagandistic work for the government. Pyongyang, the capital of the country, is home to many such building, which the government loves to showcase to their tourists. Build on the building designs of Japan, China and Europe, these are just for show off and are completely abandoned with no electricity. It must also be noted that electricity is also scarce in the country. Blackouts are pretty common here and it also maintains total radio silence.