40 Heart-Breaking Deaths While Taking Selfies

  1. The Seven Men

The Seven Men

Number 1 on our list of 40 heart-breaking deaths while taking selfie comes the catastrophic death of seven young men while on a picnic in 2015. As a group of 10 young men went for a picnic near Mangrul Lake in Kuhi Taluka, India, they lost themselves in their own world. When seven of them got into a boat and started clicking pictures, they didn’t realize that all of them were standing on one side of the boat, and it soon went haywire and the boat capsized, drowning all of them. The three remaining friends soon informed everyone, although the damage was already done. The seven people who died were aged between 18 to 27.

We sincerely hope this list will spread more awareness regarding safety measures that people need to keep in mind while taking selfies or photographs of any kind, because something as harmless as a selfie can also result in heart-breaking deaths. Let us remember that life is precious and is worth way more than a mere photograph. Let us value it. We must remember not to play with it because you never know when is your last moment alive.